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Healing HeARTs Ranch

Healing Hearts Ranch is a place dedicated to helping neurodiverse families with school aged children connect with one another through art and nature. 

As a mother of two boys, who are gifted in their own ways, we have struggled to find help in our province with Selective Mutism, High functioning Autism and ADHD.

I realize the term High Functioning is not always received well and I apologize in advance for anyone who may find that term upsetting. Unfortunately, the term Aspergers is no longer used and has been replaced with a broad Autism Spectrum Disorder..

Early on in our diagnosis we discovered very little awareness of Selective Mutism in Nova Scotia and a gap in the province in services targeted to individuals higher on the spectrum, especially for school aged children. So as an Indigenous Artist, with a background in Psychology, I turned to art, nature and animals to assist my family and my boys began to thrive! 


I am working towards my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology but have been teaching art for many years as a professional artist. I offer individual and small group art sessions to help people with anxieties and specifically empower children with new ways of expressing themselves. 

I strongly believe in the therapeutic value of art, nature and animals in healing. So our life centers around life in the woods surrounded by animals and creative play. 


Having a distraction such as a hike or engaged in a creative process is critical in my experience to give kids something to focus on to help alleviate some of the anxieties away from a clinical setting.


During Covid our meeting times are limited but once restrictions begin to lift I will offer small family group hikes to casually connect together. Individual art sessions will be offered again soon.


I plan to run a small summer creative class for children age 9-13 who may struggle with Selective Mutism and/or high functioning Autism, where we can learn various artistic skills while building friendships. 

If you would like to be added to my newsletter or family connect group please use the sign up form here. 


As a family that "gets it" - know you are not alone! 

Let's connect!

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