Recent Works

2016 - 2021

Exciting news!
Check out IceHouse Gallery, Tatamagouche, our group Indigenous Show, “Tali Ktantutes Mimajuaqan// How Do I Live Here?”.  Featuring the work of Myself, Alan Syliboy, Melissa Peter-Paul, Ben Sickles, Megan Kyak-Monteith, Nancy E. Oakley, Cheryl Simon, Dave Skyrie, Kayla Sark, Teresa Marshall and Ed Benham.

Show continues until March 30th. Pics on facebook or Instagram

My work can also be found in Halifax at Teichert Gallery, and Made in the Maritimes, Liverpool; Sipukel Gallery, Eastern Shore Gallery and in Mahone Bay at NorthernSun Gallery,  others available arranged to view at my home studio in Nova Scotia visit my shop . PM if any paintings interest you or if considering a commissioned piece.

The Awakening of Scarlett 30x40
The Wise Soul 20x20 $500
Guarding Secrets 12x16 SOLD
Shes pretty in Pink 20x20
Setting Spirits Free 12x16 $400
Kisses from julie 36x48
Available at Northern Sun Gallery
I am Enough 30x40 oil $1500
Her socks dont match but she's pretty in pink 20x20 oil
Susan Star
Prairie Angel 6x6
Feeling Breezy 12x16
The Places you will go 12x16
Solitude 24x36
The settlement of spirits. 24x30
"She Breathes" 24x36 oils
Magic all around us 12x16
The Settlement of spirits 24x30 $1000
Rising Up 12x16
20x20 Warmth in my Heart
The Spirit of Dad's Camp 16x20
Sleeping Souls
Over the Horizon 16x20
Music that calls me 20x20
Aiyana 6x6
Soft fields of winter 10x10
The Magic of the birches 12x16
In Pursuit of a dream
Magical Moments
Dreaming of a simple life 30x48
Out of the darkness
Stirring up Madness
Welcomers 8x10
Winona 6x6
Gathering of our Shadows 10x20
Red Sky at night
Where there is Hope 18x24
The Believer 18x24
More Truth Seekers 12x16
Our Distant Ancestors
9 Converstions with clouds
Spirited Away 10x20
Untamed 15x30
She will go wherever the wind may take her e 24x36 oil
Spiritual Seekers 16x40
Roseys road
Soft embrace of the fog.
Jenni Moon
The Power to choose
A little settlement on the mudflats 12x1
Brianna 6x6
A river runs through it-18x24 Jacquiebou
Escape into imagination
Shadows of the Past
Mini Truth Seeker
Mini Truth Seeker 2
Minis on wood panels
A Warm Embrace
The Power Within
Grandma's Love
Rosey's Road.
I saw them talking ...
The Becoming
Whispers in the wind
A bounty of darkness creates magic in m
Sacred Dreams
There she goes
Something Bigger Than Us
Midnight Magic
Upon a Star
Coexistence of Day and Night
Escape into the fantasy of a daydrea
Listening intently to Grandmother's Spir
The Becoming
Wisdom in the Waves.
Truth Seekers #1
The warmth in our hearts
Our Ancestors Cries
Magical Moments
All I am thankful for
She will go where the wind takes her
The Stance Against Psychiatry
In the valley of softness 10x10_
The magic of the birches
Our Distant Ancestors Calling us
Sacred Land
Rain Dance
The Trouble Maker
Waiting for December
Magic of the first Snowflakes.
The Settling of Mixed Emotions
The Struggle makes you stronger
Going Home
Madame Bee & The Battle of Blue
When the sun plays peek a boo!
A Mother's Love
Sweet Dreams
Dad called
I got your back.
Thru Spirit Eyes: Red Sky at Night
Soul Sisters
The Gathering for Mother Earth
Time for shut eye.
Spring Thaw
I see Hope in the Darkness
Listening for the geese to return
Mrs. Pumperdoodle
Spring Return of the Ducks
Walking with Dad
Humble providers.
Getaway with Friends
Peaceful breeze
Our Ancestors' Cries
Lone Spirit
When its time to just listen
And Story Teller #3
Our Story.
Good night.
Rise and Shine
Calm before the storm
Welcome Home Daddy
One Step Forward.
Our Story.
Fun on a Summer's Eve
Close up view
Story Teller #4 with dogs
Thru Spirit Eyes_ Soul Signals. _Finally got around to the details and varnishing_._
Thru Spirit Eyes: Remember When
Close up view: Thru Spirit Eyes
Mini Paintings
Mini Paintings
Unforgotten Spirits Welcome Home
Rise and Shine
Insightful Views
Insightful View
Insightful View
Insightful view
Wishes Happen. You just have to tell to the stars what you wish for.
When Dad takes you ice fishing.  Inspired by my childhood in northern Alberta
The Still of Night.
Onto new Horizons.
The Story Teller.
Just go with the flow
Spirits of the past on the move
Hope leads the way
Peaceful Journey
Let the wind lead the way
Drifting Souls on a Lazy Saturday .  Conversations with Clouds.
A Quickie of the Cabin
Rain dance
Finding Relief.
A Quickie
Sunny Side of Life
Feeling Alive! Conversations with clouds series
Rain Dance
Sea of Clouds
The Sunny Side of Life
Doing my own thing.
The Sweater
Enjoying conversation with clouds
The Beauty of a Moment
Close up
Conversations with Clouds...if u stop and listen.... Clouds captured in 3d resin art. A cloud told m
It's not always as it seems
_timeraiser halifax was so much fun!! Thnku very much for welcoming me as an artist and to all those
Back home
Angel Cloud Abstract
Me and Lukas
One step in the right direction
Try to burst my bubble